Our Changing building and studio :)

Hello Victor, NY and All our Great Studio Family!
I just want to get out in front of any rumors or false information that may appear...
As many know I own Trammel Creative Portraiture and we have been in this community operating our business for nearly 30 years. 
You will see now a sign in front of our business on Rt. 96 indicating that our studio building is available for lease. That’s ok. Everything is fine and we are doing great as a business.
I just want everyone to know that we are NOT closing, and we are NOT looking to lease the building for any other reason than our decision to scale our business to the size that fits our life goals. Our children are out of school, so our needs are different than they were in the past. 
When you have been self employed for 30 years, you get used to working all the time and your business tends to run your life... our new goal is for us to have a bit more time to live and operate our business in a way that allows us to share our time in other ways. 
We are not closing, and we will continue to be a full service portrait studio serving our community for baby, family and senior portraits.
We will operate out of our full studio facility on Main St. Fishers Road in Victor.
You will find that we will be focused on making sure that we can take on the amount of work that allows us to completely satisfy our clients, and make their experience with us something that they will enjoy and have a great time and we can give them 100% of our attention.
We have been creating beautiful portraits for our community for many many years and we will continue to do so for many more and we promise to create memories that you will cherish for generations! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the studio at 924-3340
Keith and Carm Trammel