• Rochester's Best Baby Photographer

    Rochester's "Baby Whisperer" Keith Trammel, nationally recognized baby photographer creates beautiful photographic love stories of your newborn, infant, and child. We'll love you forever. We'll like you for always. As long as we're living, your baby photographer we'll be.

  • Its all about YOUR baby photos!

    We know your baby is one of a kind, with their own needs and personalities. We work at YOUR baby's pace, taking all the time necessary to connect with you and your child so that we can capture all the little things about your baby that you already love so much. We are a private, family-run studio that focuses on your baby's needs to create the baby photos that you will treasure for a lifetime. Check out our baby photo galleries and start brainstorming for your unique session!

  • Your Baby's First Year

    Your baby's first year of life is full of joy and adventure for the whole family.  It passes in a heartbeat.  We can capture and forever preserve this year in timeless portraits that you will cherish for generations to come. Sign up for our Baby's First Year Plan today!

Props make your Baby Portraits something extra special!

Props help make your baby portraits be about what you share as a family! Architect Mom and Dad brought in these props to tell their story and Little Emilia seems to enjoy the idea of being an architect as well.... but first she's going to need to learn to color inside the lines LOL!

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